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Strange object

  • Jardy57 by Jardy57

    Not an asteroid I marked this as an asteroid only to show its strange movement.. Any explanation of what it is?


  • CTidwell3 by CTidwell3

    If you mean the "dot with the hat" in the upper middle of the image, then it is an artifact of the imaging process that occurs from time to time. You will notice the common movement up from frame 1 to 2, right and down from from frame 2 to 3, and back left and slightly up from frame 3 to 4. This is a common motion pattern for artifacts. More information about common artifacts are in this thread:


  • Dr.Asteroid by Dr.Asteroid scientist, admin

    That little guy shows up in a few images. I haven't found where it is on the detector, but it seems to be a feature associated with some bad pixels.