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How to identify galaxys and stars.

  • hightower73 by hightower73

    I thought i would write this as a lot of people seem not to know how to find out what stars and galaxys they are looking at, so i decided to write this in the hope that others would find this useful.

    This may differ to other operating systems but im using windows vista

    ill do this in steps for those that are not sure what they are doing.

    1. if you are looking at the set on line, the first thing you need to do is save it. this is genrally the easier to do, so on your mouse or touch pad, press the right button, this brings up a little menu.

    2. press save image as......once you press that, it asks for a location, this is best done for an easier place to find later. press folder options in the lower left corner, this should bring up a little list and the 1st option should be desktop. select that. and press ok.

    3. minamise your screen with the _ button and check and make sure the picture is now on your desktop.

    4. now is the good bit, you now need to reopen your browser and select new tab.

    5. you now need to visit www.//

    6. on the top banner is the option for upload, you need that one

    7. you get the option for file and url, as were going to be submitting the picture you have saved on your desktop, we need to select file and press browse.

    8 ) you now get a pop up to look for the photo to scan, so as we have saved it to desktop, press the desktop tab in the top left cornr and scroll down till you see the picture. if you dont see it, and you see just tiles, you ned to press the views option on the same pop up and try one of the different options there. press the picture and preess ok

    1. will now look up the picture and scan it and do lots of clever stuff and give it a job number

    2. when has finished, you will see success in green and goto results page slightly to the right of your picture.

    3. in green circles, is the indentified ojects. this is usually numbers or common names. to the right of the picture is the technical information for the loctaion of the object. under neath is a star map of where the oject is in the night sky.

    i hope this makes sense and helps a lot of people start looking up different ojects and learning the same as i do.

    if you need anymore help, message me and ill do my best to help.


  • DZM by DZM admin

    Thanks for the excellent guide, @hightower73 --! We really appreciate it.

    I'm going to feature this topic for a while since it's probably very useful to a lot of people. 😃


  • vonance by vonance

    Tx @hightower73