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what's the difference?

  • blackxacto by blackxacto

    Where does it explain the difference in an asteroid and artifact? All I see are either black or white dots? How does an asteroid appear as opposed to an artifact?


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB

    Did you do the Tutorial

    There is also a guide for classifying

    Happy hunting ! 😄


  • scibuff by scibuff

    Real objects, e.g. asteroids, will look pretty much like the stars (asteroid means literally "star-like"), and they will exhibit linear motion between the frames, i.e. moving in one direction from 1 to 4 with pretty much the same "step length" (although that really depends on the time between the frames). If the object is moving very fast, instead of a star like it may appear trailed because it was moving so fast that is registers in different places during a single exposure. However, the part about linear motion still applies even to fast moving objects (FMOs)