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What constitutes an artifact?

  • Leah_Fiona by Leah_Fiona

    Having scrolled through dozens of these now, I have noticed potentially interesting objects, which are clearly not asteroids. Are we supposed to mark these? The tutorial seems to be asking us to mark as 'artifacts' what are essentially photographic anomolies, but there's no mention of potential quasars/supernovae/gravitational lenses, etc. Surely the bona fide boffins don't want to trawl through 400 images of photographic glitches?


  • scibuff by scibuff

    Hi, it is next to impossible to see a quasar without being able to measure the red shift (they will just appear stellar), a supernovae without reference images of the same field and gravitational lenses at this pixel resolution (with a ground based telescope without adaptive optics)