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  • Rickydene by Rickydene

    I have been classifying asteroids since the launch and i have two suggestions that will really help with the ease of classifying and therefore benefit more accurate classifications. Firstly, a slider that merges images so that things that ojects that move relative to each other are more apparent and secondly, make it an option to shrink the whole picture to the same size as the picture on the 'classification done' screen. There has been a few occasions where i have spotted objects that i didnt spot in the main picture. I think it is because its easier to focus when the whole image is within eyeshot instead of having to flick your eyes around the image. Thanks.


  • Ptd by Ptd

    +1 for the suggestion re image size, I find myself trying to methodically work my way around the images, and seeing as I do this manually I undoubted miss bits. Someone somewhere probably knows what the maximum size of image the mark one eyeball can actually properly study in one go is. Given my experiences of the last few evenings on this site, I suspect its not much more than an inch square. Or do some asteroids cross so much sky that if the angular sizes of the images was reduced, we'd miss them?


  • Dr.Asteroid by Dr.Asteroid scientist, admin

    Thank you for your observation. We'll be keeping an eye on what we can do to improve the classification / asteroidzoo experience.