Asteroid Zoo Talk


  • Swimmingit2 by Swimmingit2

    Is there a planet/moon in front of that star in the lower left corner? On one of the frames there is a black dot in the center of that star which maybe indicates there is a planet or something in front of it right ?


  • meegja by meegja

    It is an artifact. You will see that a lot in other sets too. I think that, with these imgages, the light of the star would over-shine any small object moving in front of it.


  • Dr.Asteroid by Dr.Asteroid scientist, admin

    Yes - what happens is the light from the star is so bright it completely fills the pixels of the detector. That causes the read out to not be happy and often the center pixels that are over full are set to zero. That's why it's dark in the middle.

    Your home camera won't do that for a bunch of reasons. This data is a bit more rough around the edges because it's pretty raw off the telescope and it was never meant to be pretty.


  • swbell by swbell

    So should we flag all those as artefacts? There seem to be an awful lot of them on the frames I have checked. Does anyone use the "artefact" flags?


  • Darnitol by Darnitol

    I found a possible asteroid in three frames of this set. They're quite far apart, unlike any other set I've viewed. Is it feasible that these could actually be the same object?