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Where is the asteroid ?

  • kingspear by kingspear

    After I complete the analysis with no asteroid, I get the notes saying there is atleast one possible asteroid circled green in screen left top and so wondering where, as I dont see any movement?


  • Dr.Asteroid by Dr.Asteroid scientist, admin

    Some of the ones that are known are really faint. There is some variability in the night sky and it might have just been a touch brighter to make the asteroid really hard to see in the image. We capture this in some of the data regarding the image processing and it won't be counted against you. (for example, if the stretch got a different value - and the asteroid is know to be faint, that just tells us that when it's super hard to see against a bright background people don't do as well - not shocking, but that will let us work out better ways to display the data)