Asteroid Zoo Talk


  • stonepenny by stonepenny

    how about, when we post a set, if there is an asteroid, we say where in the photos, ie like a grid, or using compass points? the grid could be 'ABCD across, 1234 down', so it would move across a section, or from one section to another (A1-B1)... or with compass points, be done like the weather, or an aircraft, so from say SW moving SE? I've been looking at some of the posts of steroids - some I can't see. Any feedback, please?


  • Dr.Asteroid by Dr.Asteroid scientist, admin

    This is being noted as a general comment that a grid or some other way to communicate the location of the asteroid would be very helpful. We're working on getting the feedback and see what makes the most sense.


  • meegja by meegja

    The A1-B1... grid suggestion is indeed a good one and fairly simple to do I think.