Asteroid Zoo Talk

Do we get any feedback on finding new neo's?

  • Marvin1948 by Marvin1948

    I know I've missed many already known neo's, but I have marked some that I thought might be neo's that didn't get the message that it was already known?


  • meegja by meegja

    No, no feedback. At least not automatic. You can mark the set as Favorite and discuss it? Maybe in the future when a lot of data and sets are viewed, there might be some feedback?


  • ornoch by ornoch

    Found one probable asteroid in a 'New image not previously viewed'. I didn't bother mentioning it on forums and I will be surprised if I hear anything back. I would say though, that feedback would make most people's experience nicer as it would show that your time is appreciated. It's early days so....


  • stonepenny by stonepenny

    so have I - I took photos of the object with my mobile 😃


  • johnderby by johnderby

    I agree that feed back on new asteroids is important and would encourage users.