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  • stonepenny by stonepenny

    how is the artefact info going to be used? There are a lot more artefacts than asteroids! Just had 20 over the set, 3 clicks per artefact, that's 60 clicks!


  • CTidwell3 by CTidwell3

    In Dr. Asteroid's third reply on the first page here:

    "We thought about artifact designations - one of the end goals is machine learning - and from there the ability to ignore something appears to be more important than specifically knowing what it was. So, in order to not have many additional buttons (star bleed, dead row, cosmic ray, weird thing...) we elected to keep the interface simple. We're looking for asteroids rather than defects in astronomical images - if that helps understand our motivation."

    Those 60 clicks help with the goal of improving machine learning when it comes to identifying what is an artifact, and what is not. He has seen our feedback that about the need to make this a little easier, such as making keyboard inputs for staring an artifact selection and for indicating done. Allowing keyboard inputs for this would take things from 3 clicks per artifact to a keystroke, click then keystroke, saving us the time and mouse movement needed today when moving the cursor between clicks 1 and 2 and between clicks 2 and 3.