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'guess what'? You're the first to see this set of frames

  • stonepenny by stonepenny

    how often do we get these? I've just had one, yet I know at least one person has done at least a months' worth of frames more than I have.... they posted a set a month ago I recently posted, too, so if we're doing the same sets, how come I got the 'you're the first to see this set'? Confused...


  • meegja by meegja

    When I started, every other set was a "first to see"-set. At the moment I get a "first to see"-set every 150 sets (or more).

    There are a lot of sets but the more people are joining to classify, the less new sets we all get. I don't know how the sets are distributed but with the amount they have, it's more then likely you maybe get a set to classify that nobody else here has seen before 😃