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Cylindrical Artifac image 2, Interesting

  • maxronal by maxronal

    On image 2 here a cylindrical artifact, what do you think?


  • CTidwell3 by CTidwell3

    Probably just a slower moving satellite. That's as far as it moved in 30 seconds.

    Another example of this can be seen on slide 4 of this image:


  • stonepenny by stonepenny

    does look like a satellite - check the pinned Help Boards, The Objects, a Guide to Artefacts, 6th photo down.
    Also, all the sets have already been screened by their computer - I would be very surprised if a real ufo turned up!
    see Youtube, NASA broken tether incident
    in other youtube footage, also from NASA, the 'debris' changes direction, buzzing the broken tether!