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deja vu?

  • stonepenny by stonepenny

    keep getting a sense of deja vu... do we ever get a set of frames more than once? Or are some sets of similar space areas? Artefacts and asteroids, seems like I'm repeating myself! (I don't mean mixed frame sets)


  • Puppyhogg by Puppyhogg

    I am sure that there repeating frame sets show up.....


  • CTidwell3 by CTidwell3

    Confirmed that at least for my last 120, there are no duplicates. There are alot of similar artifacts, and it is theoretically possible that one might get a set with a small amount of overlap with a previous set (since previous posts have indicated they are dividing larger images up into smaller chunks), but at the moment, no duplicate sets.

    Here is how anyone can verify this themselves. I did this in Chrome. First I when to my Profile link that is available when you are classifying. Note: This is not the Profile link seen above in the chat section. Instead it is the profile that shows all the sets you have submitted, with the most recent ones first. This is a useful page when you wanted to go to the talk page for a particular set, but accidentally clicked on to the next classification.

    From this profile page, right click on the first image and select Inspect Element. This will bring up the script coding interface with the details about that image. It will say something like:

    img src=""

    Two lines above this you will see a line that says:

    div class ="items"

    Right click on that and select 'Copy as HTML'. Open something like Word or Notepad and paste this in there. This will give you all the HTML about the 12 images on the screen at the moment, including the link to the talk page. Now click on the small number 2 under the 12 images to take you to the next 12 images. You can then Right Click on the div class='items" and select 'Copy as HTML' again and get the data for the next 12.

    Repeat this 8 more times and you will have all the HTML information for the last 120 images sets you have done, including the links to the talk pages for those 120. Now sort the HTML to bring all similar data together. Then look through that data for the links to the talk pages. They will look something like:

    a href=""

    With the HTML sorted, 120 of these will now be together. I then pasted this into excel and used the Data > Remove Duplicates to confirm that I had 120 unique talk pages. This shows me that the last 120 have not been the same.

    Additionally, when I multiple the number of page links on my profile - 1 by 12 then add the number of images on the final page, I get the same count of images as my submission count that I get when I click on the small globe symbol in the upper right corner of the profile header. This implies that I have an image link for everything that I have submitted and confirms that if there are duplicates happening, it is not happening for me in the last 120 that I have done.