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  • hightower73 by hightower73

    Image AAZ00014go with this set i was really excited, not known asteroid, nic and small and easy missed, so i thought fantastic ! went to talk about it, and this was 1st looked at 9 months ago !!!!!!

    come on guys, are we really going round in circles from 9 months ago????

    surely with 5 posts all idenifying an asteroid, it should have ben looked at by a scientist by now and put forward???


  • nicro46 by nicro46

    Examine several times the same images after months is quite normal, it also happens in other works GalaxyZoo,
    what is really missing in this feedback with someone of the staff who has the time to keep us updated. Those who now seek to answer the questions are clearly committed to other problems and rightly have little time. Also add that to the Minor Planet Center takes biblical times .... I think it would take one or more person that we take the load to provide updates, as far as possible, and that would be a "Moderator", as in other works Zoo


  • DZM by DZM admin

    I'm going to do some work this week to see what's up with the progress on getting someone from the team who can regularly contribute to Talk.

    There was mention before of having an associate or a grad student monitor stuff here and provide regular updates... I'm going to check with some folks and see if that ever panned out. Thanks for the alert!!


  • Barbalbero by Barbalbero in response to DZM's comment.

    Thanks for the information!!!
    As I also suggested in other previous posts, maybe it can be useful if volunteers involved in this project are involved too, it can be surely helpful for the Team.
    I am pretty sure between the volunteers there are people with a good background in Astrophysics (for example, I graduated in Astrophysics): these people can give their contribution not only with the classification of the images but also with other stuffs, for example suggesting to the Team good candidates.