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Potential satellite?

  • JG1987 by JG1987

    First, turn the view to black-hot (invert). Next, look at the largest star nearly centered in the picture (slightly left of center, but VERY slightly; also a hairsbreadth above the horizontal mid-line). There is a small star on the upper-right portion of the star; I am NOT talking about that. On the first frame, at the center-bottom of the star, there is some sort of small body. On the second frame, you will see the small body disappear from the center-bottom and reappear on the center-top. The position again changes back to the center-bottom on frame three, and it again changes back to the top on frame 4. Any idea what that could be? I am not sure where in the sky this is looking, nor do I know any sort of distance but, it would seem like some sort of satellite to the large star. Maybe another planet or a moon. Mainly, I am just wondering if this is trick of the camera or if that object exists and is legitimately orbiting that star.


  • nicro46 by nicro46

    Are only sensor pixels saturated by the brightness of the star


  • hightower73 by hightower73

    the star you are talking about is tycho 2 226-290-1 its to the right at 90.23 degrees of hydra.

    its exact location is Center (RA, Dec): (137.418, 2.172)

    Center (RA, hms): 09h 09m 40.293s

    Center (Dec, dms): +02° 10' 19.272"

    Size: 10.7 x 10.7 arcmin

    Radius: 0.126 deg

    Pixel scale: 2.51 arcsec/pixel

    Orientation: Up is 180 degrees E of N

    at 2.51 pixels its quite large so could well a little bleeding on the camera which is causing the lumps on the star.