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I think I see a faint one

  • caseyrcorbin by caseyrcorbin

    I think what I marked might be a super faint one. I can see a pixel shift right but nothing else in the frames shift. What do you think? It is between frame 2 and 4


  • AstroTinker by AstroTinker

    Since we can't see your marks, a location would help. I do notice a couple of what I label #cosmic-ray (bright pixel in one frame) up around 12 oclock, higher in 2 than 4. I also see a dim one that seems to shift at 10 oclock, but I think is is just noise on one side, then the other. That is the problem with just 2 images, so much noise in these to be confident of an ID. This one I would just mark #bad-set.