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Figuring out the path of a moving object

  • PattyD by PattyD

    Since any asteroid can be going in just about any direction, just finding four consecutive dots in a row can be kind of difficult.
    I usually go backwards and forwards to see if the path is consistent and the distance is reasonably the same. The dots made of mist are already difficult to deal with and I don't have much luck with the inverted pictures which are even fainter. I do wear bifocals, but I can usually see what I am looking at. I can see motion, but it fools me a considerable amount of the time. Heavy sigh..... Just keep trying, I guess.


  • hightower73 by hightower73

    if your having a hard time viewing the images, can i suggest this, use the Ctrl button, and whist holding it, press the =+ button to enlarge th image, and then -_ to scale it back down. you can 3/4 fill the screen and still be abl to move the bar backwards and forwards