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Radioactive Object?

  • jockland by jockland

    In frames 1,3,4,5 top right to left there appears to be an object. Having seen footage from Nasa Space Shuttle cameras previously. This object appears to be be radioactive.

    Any thoughts on this?


  • AstroTinker by AstroTinker

    Sorry, jock, fuzzy object @12 o'clock is another type of #ffd ,a halo ffd, some type of dust or moisture on lens, not in space. Pattern is the key, see the matching formation of the point ffd @6 near bottom. Zoom in with Ctrl-+ . . . Flick 1-3 for L-R move, 1-2 for down-up move, 1-4 for R-L move, in the very common pattern of ffd's we have seen in the Catalina Sky Survey images.. Your spot is not in frame 2 because it 'moved' above the top of the frame. Not sure about where the move for frame5 would go. . . . . . . . Radiation from an asteroid or other object from space would not show up like this. Cosmic rays show up similar to the point in3 @10, and that is what I would mark it.


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    Your response was helpful. Thanks