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Local processing of Azoo data images ?

  • MvGulik by MvGulik

    Thinking about a more to the point topic about optional local processing of Azoo data images. But I guess its better to first check the waters. (Ergo: The question mark in the title.)

    Personally I currently don't see any intrinsic problems with it. But, well ... time will tell.

    Starting of by picking a comment from a other topic:

    scibuff > You could, in theory, "steal" the discovery by recovering the object and reporting to MPC before user feedback is analyzed by Zoo

    This seems to assume that Azoo and/or MPC do not take note of the time/date-data that is linked (I hope) to a Azoo user marking of a at that point new and unknown asteroid.

    If the marking-date is taken in account. It seems easier to just use Azoo to mark a potential new asteroid (found with/on Azoo), than to go for the MPC route yourself. (Provided the Azoo potential new asteroid collected data is not put on ice to long. But I think Azoo is working on that part.)


  • MvGulik by MvGulik

    Not even a single pilot ripple guiding in a quanta droplet. Spooky.


    (not completely unexpected. But still a little odd if you ask me.)

    [drops subject+topic]