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    Last updated: 13 Nov 2015.
    Astrometry count: 156. (Azoo duplicates included)
    CSS Master-Id count: 40.

    Status: On Hold / Dormant (November 27 2015).

    -- Main site, with all the general info about it and its service.
    -- Currently active beta version of the service.

    [October 20 2015]

    Experimenting a bit with Azoo related jobs on ""
    Not sure if there might be any current, or future, usefulness to it. (other than the default personal one's.)

    +Having some experience with MediaWiki, I personally think fora are not really suited for stuff like this, but there is no Wiki to be used for this. (Azoo-set id's, well ... getting the related Azoo-set Id is kinda cumbersome. )

    +CSS cell frames: Thinking of ditching them, at some point. (probably requires a Astro login, which is a bit of a problem at the moment)

    [November 5 2015]

    On the subject of CSS image coordinates
    (No other related topics found.)

    Apart from using to get the related CSS image coordinates. Its also possible to get a, relative accurate, coordinate based on the CSS image-filename data.

    (Current known solution, for the "N" and "S" types, has a general accuracy of ±0.1 degree. Which I think is still a bit to much for general consumption.)

    [November 27 2015]

    Have not updated it for some time. Guess I better drop a "On hold" notice.