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Chrome, SVG's SMIL animations, deprecated.

  • MvGulik by MvGulik

    Mmm, it seems there might* be some possible future downgrade of the Azoo classifying page in the making.

    SVG's SMIL animations (, , etc.) are deprecated and will
    be removed. Please use CSS animations or Web animations instead.

    Chrome 45 deprecated SMIL in favor of CSS animations and Web animations. And if the additional information I came across is correct it might be removed in Chrome 47.

    *) Might ... As in: I have no clue if the code that's triggering the warning is actually actively used for/by Chrome. Although it might not have triggered the warning if it was not, just not sure about that.

    If the Azoo classification page starts to lose some features with any future Chrome version. This SVG's SMIL thing might be the reason.