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Incomplete set

  • Sadenar by Sadenar

    Why is there only 1 image in this set?
    Or is it just my laptop who isnt loading?


  • MvGulik by MvGulik

    (darn ... lost my initial reply, so this one is a bit shorter than intended)

    Why: probably because there was no general AZ sanity check on the source CSS data.

    There are also cases with 2,3,4 frame. And 5 and 25 frames, although those only show them self in Talk.

    Just mark the single frame cases as [Bad image set] in the classifying page. And move to the next set.
    In 2 and 3 frame case its still possible to spot a potential asteroid. If you like to try, that is.
    (technically you could also do so with a single frame set, but that's a other story.)

    Real image loading failures are really, really rare. switching between normal and inverted view is usually the way to spot those cases.