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Rotating Asteroids?

  • cleisthenis by cleisthenis

    Would rotating asteroids flash periodically the way that satellites can as the sun glints off their solar panels or other reflective surfaces?


  • interplanetary by interplanetary scientist

    cleisthenis - To a certain extent "yes" - this is called photometry, and over time is called measuring a "light curve" and can be used to inform a number of interesting properties about the asteroid. In these series of 4 images, separated by ~10 minutes, you're not likely to see significant effects though. More detailed information is here:


  • scibuff by scibuff

    if you're talking about the "object" in the top right corner, that is a camera/telescope optics artifact. For frame #2 it moves off of the image but in #1, #3 and #4 follows the same motion pattern as artifacts in other images