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Exposure time and frame width

  • ytene by ytene

    What is the exposure time of each frame? Also what is the frame width (arc-seconds)?


  • Emili_Sancha by Emili_Sancha

    ...and what is the time between frames? 😉


  • Dr.Asteroid by Dr.Asteroid scientist, admin

    Typically the exposure time is 30 seconds and the time between frames is 10 minutes. There are variations that are unpredictable (someone wanted to go a touch deeper, or there was a delay in getting to the same place on the sky) but typically those are the standard numbers.


  • Emili_Sancha by Emili_Sancha in response to ytene's comment.

    the frame width is 10.7 x 10.7 arc-min.

    Pixel size: 2.51 arcsec/pixel

    you can identify images with: