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Possible NEO asteroid

  • rafaello1996 by rafaello1996

    In this picture is very fast object. This is potential NEO. According to me this object should be send to MPC.

    Rafal Reszelewski (rafaello1996)


  • warnakey by warnakey

    Interesting find. I am curious if this is an artifact or an actual asteroid. It seems to be moving far too fast to be an asteroid, but further investigation is needed.


  • Cpt._Pete by Cpt._Pete

    Perhaps its me , but all I see is the jumping artefact on the right. Artifacts mostly move in an Up, Down then Sideways type movement yourll see the black smudges do this also.


  • calin_uio by calin_uio

    yes this is imho another artifact, this pattern of inward spiraling (triangle) is what I found pretty in the collections. What could actually explain this weird trajectory?


  • Del_Congdon by Del_Congdon in response to uioreanu's comment.

    The 'triangle' movement is caused by image dithering. The image sensor is offset deliberately in this way for each image taken so that you can more easily identify artifacts caused by dirt, flat field defects or bad-pixel problems etc. Asteroids will always be moving in a straight line through the image set.