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Fast objects?

  • billnpalmy by billnpalmy

    Small well-contrasting objects are popping in and out of frame, but I can't spot 3 or more in a sequence. Could these be objects moving faster than can be captured by the time resolution of the instrument? Or are noise type artefacts a better explanation? How fast does an object need to be going to be in this category? Finally, how often might we expect to see them?
    Thanks, Bill 😃


  • CTidwell3 by CTidwell3

    it's a #hot-pixel. I you imagine drawing the a sorta reversed 4 (up, right and down, then left), you will notice that these spots are not popping in and out of the frame, but moving in this pattern. In the image here in frame 1 the hot-pixel artifact is slightly up and to the right of center. It moves up in frame 2, down and to the right (next to a small star) in frame 3, then back left in frame 4. This is the common movement of artifacts and you seen them in many of the sets.

    Basically, the telescope moves between taking each frame to a) be more efficient and b) cause artifacts to move in a non-linear pattern making them easy to identify from the linear movement of asteroids.