Asteroid Zoo Talk

I've got a theory and a preliminary solution for spotting and redirecting asteroids!

  • MinaMYoussef by MinaMYoussef

    You all see the big shiny dots in the images, right? And we all know they're "stars,"right? And how big can a star actually be?
    I think as big enough as millions of asteroids, ranging from the size of a country to the size of a small moon! The thing is, we have no clue of the existence of some asteroids, then suddenly one pops out and it seems like it appeared from nowhere. I think that there are many asteroids, many of which we have no idea about, lurking in the darkness out there, and many others are sheltering behind some stars and planets in the universe. I think that if we could find another way, much more developed and advanced, to spot and track asteroids, we could find more asteroids faster and more efficient. That would let us make new discoveries, as well as prevent a catastrophic cosmological event, capable of wiping out every bit of life on Earth from occurring. Maybe we could use satellites to create 3D or 4D much more sharper images of the cosmos, or we could use electromagnetic (which is only 10^-2 that of the nuclear force, the most powerful force in the universe) or other sensors to detect and repel a coming asteroid, or we could send small robotic observatories to every planet we go to and track asteroids from an alien point of view, giving us an even more clearer and detailed image of the sky. Maybe in the near future we could build a machine that produces a repellent gravitational or electromagnetic force to redirect huge bodies in the sky, just like asteroids or maybe planets.