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  • djsimister by djsimister

    I've been selecting what i believe are credible hits from my 2014 collections. Highlighted not just by me, but by some of you also.

    In addition to the collection, I took the liberty of posting the names of all you others (in the collection description) who have also picked them, who've marked them and added comment. To me, The most fundamental important thing that's missing with this project (To which we are all massively contributing through our tireless efforts and extreme hard work) Is an accreditation system that recognizes and acknowledges What we have done well, and what we are still doing. But more importantly To publicly Tag our names and / or aliases onto those possible newly discovered #asteroids. This should have been a must do, a priority inclusion, accessible to all and linked to individual profiles. Seems as if maybe our crucial role in this project has been taken for granted? How important are we? Well any / all projects requiring mass input from citizen participation simply would not exist if we didn't highlight comment and click! There would be absolutely nothing. So I believe, we should have all been taken care of, kept happy and kept on board as stakeholders. So this is just my little tiny way of giving a few of you just a very small token of the acknowledgement you deserve, It should have been done corporately bigger.But dont despair. dont give up hope yet!...... There are happier days ahead!
    My eventual 2015 Best of the Best collection will be much much bigger, and many many more of your good names will be put up and applauded.
    I promise.