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  • Lizzietish81 by Lizzietish81

    On the fourth plate there's an interesting object that looks like a distant galaxy with spiral arms. Trick of the camera?


  • AstroTinker by AstroTinker in response to Lizzietish81's comment.

    Lizzie, yes it looks like a #galaxy, and shows up slightly in 3, very faint in2, and does not move between images. That's the best indicator it is a real object in space. The black shapes in the bottom right of 4 are likely a big flat field defect #ffd , and would shift positions between images.


  • hightower73 by hightower73

    i did a quick search for you, the galaxy is NGC 5829. Its to the left of the constalation bootes.

    My post shows you how to do the searches for objects and what they are.

    happy hunting