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An Awesome Ultra-Faint Detection by Azoo users

  • pravk7 by pravk7 scientist, admin

    As we improve the click clustering algorithms, we run into great classifications from Asteroid Zoo participants. This one really blew my mind:

    ultra faint

    The image in shown in inverted color scale, and if you squint you may see a dark smudge following the red-arrow (the trajectory vector) across the 4 images.

    It took me a while to spot this even after knowing the coordinates (at least 9 participants managed to find this). I'm not even sure if we can extract reliable brightness data (photometry) to satisfy MPC's standards!! The brightest pixel on the object is barely larger than the typical background noise-level on the image.


  • Barbalbero by Barbalbero in response to pravk7's comment.

    Thanks for the info about this kind of images. I remember it happened sometimes to find this kind of faint objects. I wish it will be possible to obtain some nice results also from these images


  • hightower73 by hightower73

    wow, nice spot, i hope you can get info from it so that those 9 people get the regognition they deserve


  • kieran.a.carroll by kieran.a.carroll

    Can you provide a link to the image-set for this one?