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Very Upper - Right possible asteroid ? (3rd and 4th frames)

  • 06r2d206 by 06r2d206

    I'm first to see this set of images! And well, I wondered if it is an actual asteroid becouse there is no proof it is moving linear.


  • AstroTinker by AstroTinker

    r2, the short streak @1 oclock in frame 4 would be a possible asteroid, possible cosmic-ray, just no way to tell from the 4-frame sets we are given. Note the spot at the edge in3 is actually barely visible in all 4 frames, so not likely related to the streak in 4. I would mark it as an artifact with hash-tag #cosmic-ray so the science team knows it's there and can try to correlate to the other sets if they wish. Keep hunting!