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NEO or Satellite ??

  • Andy_Arg by Andy_Arg

    I want to comment on this case:
    look at the pictures:
    79 - 01
    62 - 01
    62 - 02
    62 - 03
    45 - 03
    45 - 04
    (The last 2 are in this set: AAZ0008wvf Frames 3 and 4).
    It seems to be an object moving very quickly through the three sets of images (79 -> 62 -> 45).
    it may be a satellite or perhaps a NEA ????.
    I could not mark a precise center in the pictures and I fear that pass unnoticed.
    The object is moving from rigth (1ยบ image) to left (Last image)


  • hightower73 by hightower73

    could it a shooting star or something very small burning up when the frame was taken? the way the trail is broken up looks to me as though what ever it is, is very very fast moving and very faint. so would something that was very very small leave that kind of trail upon burn up?