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Someone talk, what is this???

  • Luckdes by Luckdes

    I'm a newbie, and for me this is so strange.

    (Sorry for bad portuguese)


  • MvGulik by MvGulik

    Yea, there is definitely missing a good "Go here and there" additional pointer's in the classifying page guide.

    On the subject at hand, those are telescope related artifacts.
    They come in black and white variations, and they can even change color in a single set.
    In this case I'm not sure what's involved, other than some internal telescope reflection mishap.

    Any general telescope related artifact is directly identifiable by the distinct relative virtual motion it makes.
    (The upside-down T)
    From frame 1 to frame-2: Up
    From frame 1 to frame-3: Right.
    From frame 1 to frame-4: Left.

    See here for the movement reason.
    See A guide to artifacts for more artifact related information.