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White Streak (FRAME 3)

  • PeriousXandonius by PeriousXandonius

    Hey guys, I'm new to Asteroid tracking and examining images in general. SO i was wondering what the heck could the white streak in frame 3 be? fast moving body? light distortion?


  • MvGulik by MvGulik

    Its a Fast Moving Object, or FMO for short.
    The exposure time for these images is around 30 seconds. A lot can fly by in that time.
    Ref: Exposure time and frame width

    Possible sources I'm aware of:

    • Satellites: Relative high probability. Its kinda crowded out there if you ask me.
    • Meteors: Variable probability based on there size. (smaller == higher, although if there to small they don't light up.)
    • Airplanes: Low chance, and general with low visibility. Although there navigation light blips should stand out.
      (Just in case. FMO's only show in one frame ... or else its something else.)


  • PeriousXandonius by PeriousXandonius in response to MvGulik's comment.

    Oh alright thanks MvGulik!