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Bad image sets - why aren't they fixed or purged?

  • N5bz by N5bz

    I keep seeing sets where one or more images are bad with no image over most of the visual field or the entire field displaced in relation to the rest of the set.
    The bad sets, as they are, are practically worthless as I find it very difficult to detect an asteroid in the remaining images of a set when I am unable to view all 4 images, properly aligned, without being distracted by everything jumping around or disappearing as I scan through the set of images.

    I would like to see a way to shift an entire image, in a set, so that we could correct bad sets that have minor displacement problems on one or more images.

    I consider the hunt for asteroids to be one of the most important tasks available to human beings, as the early detection of the next major 'incoming' might save the human race from extinction.


  • MvGulik by MvGulik

    Bad sets: If a given set is not working for you. Just mark it as bad, and be done with it.
    (If that's not working for Azoo is up to them to provide additional related information or change the system.)

    Image shift: With you its probably a wish of a lot of other Azoo'ers too.
    (Note: Azoo's main target is to collect data for potentially improving asteroid detection algorithms. Catering to the Azoo user is nice PR, but a lesser priority. Simple cost v benefit result, as is usually the case with projects run by commercially geared companies.)

    Extinction: Erm ... I think your not giving mankind enough credit for being able to do that whiteout external help. On top of that there is not much that currently can be done to deflect a major inbound asteroid. At least not unless we know about it in advance for about a decade.


  • N5bz by N5bz in response to MvGulik's comment.

    Bad sets: there seems to be systemic problems that allow a large number of bad sets to make it. They should be easy to detect automatically and eliminate. That is why I brought the subject up.

    Extinction: Yeah we may do ourselves in first, but that is no reason to sit the to corner with our thumbs in our mouths waiting.
    It has been a while since I looked at the calculations, but orbital modifications don't take that long, just careful planning and a small thrust applied at the right time. It doesn't have to miss by much. Then we can put it into orbit around the earth moon system and mine it.