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asteroid on right upper quarter?

  • dandl83 by dandl83

    could it be a asteroid on right upper quarter? Thre bad thing is, ther are only two frames


  • MvGulik by MvGulik

    Based on the image quality, the objects clarity, brightness and movement. This is a pretty sure asteroid case.
    The fact that there are only on 2 frames makes in this case not much of a difference.

    With a 2 frame set, without knowing for sure, there is of course always the slim chance its some odd-ball asteroid lookalike telescope-artifact. But telescope-artifacts have a relative predictable movement pattern, which can't be fit onto this case.

    Not known to AZ, probably because this set only contains 2 frames.
    But its a known asteroid according to Lowell Observatory Asteroid-plot. (see AZ-Set comment)