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  • Subject AAZ0001rd7

    One asteroid moving into the top left of the frame, close to the bright star; a second on emoving out of the frame in the lower middle.

  • Subject AAZ0000hga

    #Asteroid in upper middle, moving to 8 o'clock, between the bright * at the upper end of photo and the 2 * vertically to each other

  • Subject AAZ0001shx

    An asteroid, moving horizontally over half the frame from left to right in the upper third, ending clode to the bright star in the upper mid

  • Subject AAZ000113q

    #Asteroid moving upwards directly on the right of the central bright star.

  • Subject AAZ000139l

    I'm never sure with such poor resolution frames - however, there may be an asteroid moving horizontally in the right lower third.

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