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  • Subject AAZ0001es8

    #asteroid - possibly? Between 8 and 9 oclock moving right to left and downward. Small but bright. Last frame not visible as over the edge.

  • Subject AAZ00009dl

    #asteroid Class D near top just after 12 o'clock moving right.

  • Subject AAZ00002jr

    #asteroid (known) Class A. 10 oclock 3% in from LHS

  • Subject AAZ0001s1o

    Probably a cosmic ray track across the detector array at a glancing angle. If plane (say) I think it would be going 820mph (30sec exposure).

  • Subject AAZ0001t6a

    #asteroid possible. Frames 2, 3 and 4 only. Only just on bottom edge 40.2% in from RHS moving right.

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