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  • hightower73 by hightower73

    I have had the following responce from zoouniverse

    Darren "DZM" McRoy September 8th 2015, 5:02 pm

    Hey @hightower73 --

    I wanted to reach out to you personally about the problems with Asteroid Zoo and the lack of communication. I know that you (and other AZ folks) are frustrated and worried, and you have every right to be.

    We've scheduled a discussion with the Asteroid Zoo science team tomorrow, Tuesday (this is something I've been working to set up for a week or so). The people having the discussion from our end are well aware of how things are currently going in the Asteroid Zoo community; I've made sure of that. They've seen the Talk and the posts. They know.

    I really can't tell you anything until after that conversation, but I should have more in a couple of days. I'll be back in touch once we've talked with the team and figured out exactly what's going on. I also know that you've been deferred several times and you deserve something more concrete, and I hope we'll be able to give that to you.

    We'll be in touch later this week. I'm really sorry about how this whole thing has gone.



    Im hoping this might spark a few things into action from here on in. ill keep you posted of any other information i get.


  • Barbalbero by Barbalbero in response to hightower73's comment.

    Thanks for the news.
    Let us hope DZM will obtain some useful information, the only few news we had are thanks to him


  • bc2callhome by bc2callhome

    Good Hope we can name the asteroids we find Would like to name mine after those who helped in Hurricane Katrina


  • sisifolibre by sisifolibre

    It is not important for me to name an asteroid but the work we have done here (or we can do), count for something.

    I hope that Darren has no problem seeing your post, it was a personal message...


  • hightower73 by hightower73

    i did say to darren that i was reposting it, and have had ne reply in stating not to


  • DZM by DZM admin

    It was supposed to be a personal message... but you are all owed an update, so I figured it was alright. 😃

    I know how much you are all due an update, and I'm really sorry that communication has been so bad on this project.

    I'll be waiting to hear what comes out of the meeting today.

    Thanks for sticking with us!


  • sisifolibre by sisifolibre

    I'm sorry hightower73, I should have guessed that you had consulted. Thanks for sharing information

    Darren thank you very much to you, for your work and for supporting.

    The truth is that Zoouniverse always has great attention to volunteers we must have patience and trust. I have participated in other citizen science projects and plataforms and none work as well as this

    (sorry for my english) 😉


  • djsimister by djsimister in response to hightower73's comment.


    Thanks for sharing your message, It was a positive thing to do. It's good also DZM has listened and trying to help out. I suppose it is a small positive step that someone has moved in the right appropriate direction bringing attention to the issues we have all paid tribute too, Not just recently, but documented many times and spread over such a long period. I am Insanely frustrated by it all but moreover, just utterly confused and bewildered as to what is going on? and why it has been allowed to go on and why it continues? I cant wait for the actual minutes from the meeting! alternatively, I wish i was a fly in the room !! Realistically We should not expect and probably wont get such a comprehensive explanation in writing so I'll try to look forward to A positive summary of outcomes and direction that will satisfy our basic needs, wants and wishes that originally inspired us to give time to the program, but more importantly I hope it will reflect & display a little token of respect to all it's contributing stakeholders upon which the whole zooniverse and its continued expansion depends.


  • MvGulik by MvGulik

    Rewrite (short version):

    Question: workshop results?

    Answer (I think): Asteroid Zoo Updates: Reporting Site


  • hightower73 by hightower73 in response to djsimister's comment.

    First of all, thank you for your kind words, and yes we have all been fruastrated by all this, and maybe we have not been fairly treated/kept informed/updated as much as we all would have wished to be, however, i do feel now that we have someone/everyone who is unseen looking over us now and not the feeling of abaodonment.

    I'm sure if there is positive news the news will come back to us very quickly, my main worry is this project being deleated and passed over. I have enjoyed doing this however, I have yet to find any other project like it.

    If this project continues however, I really do think we may need a couple more ( even if unefficial DMZ's here to answer questions, maybe to pass messages ect to the scientists, if have no idea if this would be possiable.

    It wouldnt be me as i dont have the background to be able to answer any form of scientific questions beyond that of what i have learnt so far, but i do know a couple of you have suggested that you could be become DMZ's. Maybe this could be looked into and maybe help the scientists move forward ???


  • DZM by DZM admin

    From the team!